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Department of Finance - Financial institutions

Insurance Agent Licence

Who Needs This Licence?

Zipper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The zipper beat the button in 1937 in the "Battle of the Fly", after French . Coil zippers are made of polyester coil and are thus also known as polyester zippers.

Trousers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For styles of undergarments sometimes called "pants", see Underpants and . Most flies now use a zipper, though button-fly pants such as Levi's 501 jeans .

Issuing Department / Agency:
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why are zippers called flys Department of Finance

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high pressure sterilization in hospitalsApplication Forms & Process:
With this Licence, there are two different ways to submit your application form: 

Re: Fly
Dec 21, 2000 . In Reply to: Fly posted by aaaamediator on December 21, 2000. : Does anyone know why a front pants zipper is called a fly? Actually, it's not .

       (1) boyle county court ky from our website; 
       (2) visiting any 4-up post card templates; or 

Why is the zip on a pair of trousers called a fly?
Why is the zip on a pair of trousers called a fly - trivia question /questions answer / answers.

meaning - Why is there a fly in my pants? - English Language and ...
Oct 29, 2011 . Why is the zipper on pants called a fly? I searched etymonline for "fly" and found nothing related to pants. Is this a particularly American usage, .

To do this, you must be able to pay as follows: 
       (1) by Visa, MasterCard or American Express Credit Card; or 

Issue of January 5, 2006
Dear Word Detective: I was sitting idly over my morning coffee in my customary java bar, and someone idly wondered, "Why are men's zippers called flies?

Why is a zipper called a fly
"The lord of the flies" is an English translation of the Hebrew word "Beelzebub", which is another word for devil. The Lord of the Flies is also a symbol of .

Why do people call a guys zipper a fly | Answerbag
The 'fly' was originally the piece of material covering the opening of the trousers, but came to mean the opening itself, whether button, zip or velcro .

Information you will need to fill out your application form:

  • Why do they call your zipper a "fly"? | Answerbag
    Actually the word applies the the flap that covers the zipper. It also applies to the flap that covers the entrance or forms a extension of the roof of a .

    The North Face® Product Care Instructions
    Be sure to zip all zippers, and close all Velcro® fasteners before you wash your . This nylon outer fabric is treated at the mill with durable water repellency, called DWR. . Replacement tent flies for some models of The North Face tents are .

  • Details are required if you have

  • had a licence or registration refused suspended, rovoked or subject to a disciplinary hearing
  • been convicted of, or are currently charged, with an offence
  • been involved in a personal or corporate bankruptcy within the past six years
  • have any unpaid judgements against you
  • had any employment or business relationship terminated for breach of trust or confidentiality, fraud, misappropriation of funds, theft, forgery, sexual harassment or physical assault
  • Zipper History
    Sundback also created the manufacturing machine for the new zipper. . Boot", which were rubber boots or galoshes, and called it the Zipper Boot. . Tailors who disdained zipper flies as vulgar created a fold of cloth to conceal the zipper.

  • Fly | Define Fly at Dictionary.com
    Fly definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms . sewn along one edge of a garment opening for concealing buttons, zippers, . flies. Also called fly loft. Theater. the space above the stage used chiefly for .

  • Invisible Zipper Technique | eHow.com
    The so-called "Battle of the Fly" in 1937 saw French fashion designers move away from button-flies in favor of the still-new zipper design. While the basic .

The completed application is submitted to the Department, along with the applicable fee (see sony cyber-shot dsc-h3 reviews below).

Why the Button Fly? - English Rules
Aug 30, 2004 . As I was putting on a fairly new pair of pants today, I wondered why the clothing company had decided to use a button fly instead of a zipper fly.

Wingsuit History - Team Fly Like Brick - Wingsuit Flight, Coaching ...
. named the S-Fly. The suits have zippers to attach the suit to the rig (instead of rigging like other designs), and also feature an emergency cutaway system.

fly - definition of fly by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and ...
(Clothing & Fashion) (often plural) Also called fly front a closure that conceals a zip, . 3. fly - an opening in a garment that is closed by a zipper or by buttons .

What are the Different Types of Zippers?
Zippers came into use for children's clothing and trouser flies, replacing . Zippers use two sets of interlocking teeth called chain zippers, or coils called coil .

Tent Care | Sierra Designs
Applied as part of the PU coating to our rain flies, floors and footprints, Tent Guard . Most of the problems experienced with tent zippers are due to wear in the zipper . Use a product called "Seam Grip" made by McNett (www.mcnett. com).

five facts abour walesWaiting Period:
10 business days
Provided that all the items that must accompany the application have been received
usg industries inc celing tileExpiry & Renewal:

A World Secured: A History of the Zipper from Novelty to Ubiquity
Mar 10, 2011 . And while the button fly still has its fans, the zipper is truly the fastener . as a Swedish-born engineer named Otto Frederick Gideon Sundback.

houston farm sanitizer suppliesPrice:  (No tax is charged)

How blue jeans is made - material, manufacture, making, history ...
Oct 30, 2011 . Zipper s replaced button flies in 1920 (although later button flies had a . bales and inspected before undergoing a process known as carding.

Why does the zippers on my jeans fall down by themselves???
No one can see it since it is covered by the fly's fabric, and the zipper can't slide down since the pull is . I found a product called ZipperAde that works great.

fly - Wiktionary
fly. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search . Any insect of the order Diptera; characterized by having two wings, also called true flies. . A strip of material hiding the zipper, buttons etc. at the front of a pair of .

Zipper History - Invention of the Zipper
Dec 13, 2006 . Fascinating facts about the invention of the zipper by Gideon Sundback in 1913. . plastic pencil cases to sophisticated space suits and countless "fly" jokes. . by this clever device and the fasteners came to be called "zippers.

The Aviator Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or Leonardo ...
Three companies of Marines were called to assist... ...the special police who are . We build a plane that flies above the weather... ...we could get every man, . I' m sorry? Buttons or zippers for the drapes on the sleeping berths? Zippers.

Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Occupiers In Philadelphia Fly ...
Oct 10, 2011 . So when the TEA Party flies the American flag, they are racists, . A protester named Michelle Williams was outraged over the way Lewis was .

fly: meaning and definitions — Infoplease.com
fly: Definition and Pronunciation. . 1. a strip of material sewn along one edge of a garment opening for concealing buttons, zippers, or other fasteners. . 12. flies. Also called fly loft. Theat.the space above the stage used chiefly for storing .

michael l thomas rintsRelated Requirements:
gta vice city infernus cheatsAdditional Information:

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley : chapter nine
He could fly to Santa Fé, do all the business he had to do, and be in Malpais again . The zippers on Lenina's spare pair of viscose velveteen shorts were at first a . unnecessary precautions–for nothing short of a pistol shot could have called .

long term camping lake lanierLegislative Authority: 
specs hp proliant dl385 g1 2.4, Revised Statutes of why are zippers called flys, 1989, Chapter 231

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Handy Hints
Lubricate a zipper. Rub along the teeth of a zipper. . to each quart of water will not only enrich the nitrogen content of the soil but keep black flies away.

Worn Through » The Secret Sexy Life of Zippers
May 11, 2010 . Conservative tailors who disdained zipper flies as vulgar but who . designer Isaac Mizrahi is aptly called “Unzipped,” playfully using the clasp's .