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Department of Finance - Financial institutions

Insurance Agent Licence

Who Needs This Licence?

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Issuing Department / Agency:
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phone number to imvu Where can you get this licence and / or further information?

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uses for mr clean Department of Finance

Tel: (902) 424-5613 or 424-5528
Fax: (902) 424-1298

e-mail:  turtle lake school district wi

Office Location:
Provincial Building
1723 Hollis Street, 4th Floor
Halifax, NS  B3J 1V9

Mailing Address:
PO Box 2271
Halifax, NS B3J 3C8

spanish sites in coloradoApplication Forms & Process:
With this Licence, there are two different ways to submit your application form: 

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To do this, you must be able to pay as follows: 
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Information you will need to fill out your application form:

  • Details are required if you have

  • had a licence or registration refused suspended, rovoked or subject to a disciplinary hearing
  • been convicted of, or are currently charged, with an offence
  • been involved in a personal or corporate bankruptcy within the past six years
  • have any unpaid judgements against you
  • had any employment or business relationship terminated for breach of trust or confidentiality, fraud, misappropriation of funds, theft, forgery, sexual harassment or physical assault
The completed application is submitted to the Department, along with the applicable fee (see blu wasabi scranton pa menu below).

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08 summer and spring fashion forcastWaiting Period:
10 business days
Provided that all the items that must accompany the application have been received
proclaimed powered by phpbbExpiry & Renewal:

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